So I now understand why I didnt have a diary as a child. I do not have the interest in taking the time to write down my thoughts everyday. Ok, let me tell you whats been happening. I have started focusing on the $1.40 knockout 90 man SNGs. I think if I do even half as well as I expect that I can start making money off of these tourneys. To start out it was a little rough, but some things are coming together. I learned that MAKING THE MONEY is my first focus. Takes alot of folding but it forces me to play better poker. Sure, I fold a few hands that are borderline winners but ..... it gets me into the money. I think I am actually up money for the month. Speaking of which, I have decided to update my BR here once a month. At that time I will try to give a fairly accurate account of what my month has been like. Right now we can say ..... I think I am doing well. I am happy with my game and the changes I am making to it in order to make the money more often. Game = $1.40 90 player SNGS. Goal = To be In the money 30%+ by the end of July. Mental notes = Its a long game with LOTS of poker to be played. No reason to rush it with questionable hands. Get your money in with good cards and dont stress the rest.