Now I fully understand what 'grind' is. What a freakin mindfield it is out there. Ok, just finished a small session at the penny tables. Yes, the penny tables. Its a great place for me to practise a few things I have been thinking about an keep my losses to a minimum if it fails. So far, its so - so. 1.5 hour session. 5 tables (9 player only). Total I made $1.57. Thats 52.33 BB an hour total or 10.466 BB/hr per table. Thats roughly 1/5th the minimum buy in profit. What is the average BB an hour one should make at a NL table? I have read more about this then I remember at the moment but what I do remember was about Limit Holdem. I believe it said 3-4 BB an hour was average if you wanted to be a profitable player capable of living off your winnings. Makes sense if you play 5/10 limit that you should be making $15-20 an hour playing poker. Pays better then 7-11. I have lots of things running through my mind. 1) Multi table or not? I can easily play 5+ tables (often doing 10+) an still play by the numbers. Its profitable, the above session shows that,but is 5 too many? I remember a hand were I had AJ suited, raised the pot preflop, got one cold caller. Flop came J95 rainbow. I bet pot, he raised I moved all in. He had QQ, he won. Had I been playing only one table would I have caught this slip and NOT pushed? I highly doubt it. I still think the call was the right one to make, but who knows. Maybe I would have gotten one of those 'feelings' an folded top pair, best kicker on the flop. I have before. 2) Moving up in stakes is my next big decision I think. If I am going to play cash games I need to more quickly move up in stakes or its going to take FOREVER to actually start making some chips. 3) Tourneys vs Cash games. Probably been debated since the first poker game was played. I prefer to play both. I find excitement in both styles of play. Tourneys offer that 'game' atmosphere to me. I mean, they actually have a FIRST PLACE !!! That means there is a winner an losers .... cant beat that with a stick. I like to win. Taking first ROCKS !!! and placing deep in ANY tourney offers personal satisfaction (an money if run deep enough). The buy in vs potential reward is phenominal. Cash games though .... oh lord the thrill. You against ANY 9 that sit down. Battle of bullys. Rumble of retards. War of wennies. Who can walk away with more cash then the next guy? Money daily, guaranteed ??? The only clear cut winner is the guy that can pay his rent the next day. What a rush. I think for me a few regular tourneys a month, a couple dozen SNGs an then I will spend the rest of the time on cash games. Poker Stars does offer variety. I am even curious about trying out some of their stud games. HORSE tourneys I like, though haven't really played that seriously. We will see A dollar an hour. 40 hours to double the roll. Then I should be able to step up in stakes. I am sure tighter play while multitabling would yeild better profits. I find it difficult to resist sometimes though, especially at this level. Have to plug the leak though. babble babble see if that makes sense