Rooity had a bad day yesteday. By the end of it his tail was down and his ears were droopy :-? . Fortunately kangaroos don't know the meaning of the word 'tilt'. When they go down they bounce back higher, harder, better, faster, stronger.
He only played 2 SNGs today but won the first one in amazeballs style. He didn't play a single hand for the first 25 minutes but just hid himself in the dirt and spied on the other players. This gave him the information he needed to really leap up with style. Because he'd been so tight early on when he raised the others thought he really had a good hand, allowing him to steal the blinds several times without fail. This stealing kept going on until he made the most of a good hand to become chip leader. Heads up was the most fun of all, he went all aggro on a complete calling station and it was over in a flash, without ever even needing to push.
In the 2nd SNG he made a few costly errors but 3rd is still more than respectable. He's growing from a little joey to a full grown jack. Onwards and upwards Rooity!