Welcome to Rooity'sPoker blog. Rooity is the best poker playing kangaroo in the world. He was born in Austrralia amongst a big kangaroo mob. The biggest in fact, and his parents marked him down as the next leader of the mob. But one day he was seperated from the mob by a flash flood. He wound up in some dusty little town on the edge of the outback. He walked into a bar, looking for some help, or maybe just a place to drown his sorrows, I don't know; he doesn't like to talk about it. 

Instead he found his destiny.

In a dingy, smoky corner of the bar a game of cards was being played. Rooity had little money, and so he joined in, trying to win enough to get a ride out of the town. He was hooked and has been playing ever since. He has managed to integrate himself with humans well, but he still longs for his own kind.