My second tourney was a very short one lasting only 6 hands this is how it unfolded.




START TIME  14.00 wet



Only4 hands in and i pick up  at BB with everyone folding up until the dealer who in the first hand took out 2 players and trebling up and now putting in a small raise i decide to re-raise half the pot which they call the flop coming i check fearing the ace but also putting the play onto my opponent to see were i stand they also check which turns  i put in a half pot bet thinking if i get re-raised theres the chance my opponent has the ace and is dragging me out but also ive the chance of the nut flush if we get to the river and it shows a club, my opponent calls my bet and the river produces i check and my opponent checks i win the hand with my pair beating my opponents pocket 6s i think i could of took a little more with a little bet on the river but with me being against the chip leader a re-raise could of put me off the pot.


Only 6 hands in and i get  on the buttoncould this be my time for a double up and make me strong so early on, everyone folds up until the table chip leader who puts in a small raise now im thinking lets be aggresive i re-raise then with both the blinds folding bam im hit with a all in raise which im thinking only 6 hands in and my opponent has been in every hand showing strong hands this time i must have him so i call they turn over  ohhh noooo im hoping i either hit a queen or they totally draw dead the flop comes looking good so far then comes the turn card  damn not good at all surely for once the river can save me then the river cards just puts the final nail in the coffin my tourney is over with only 6 hands being play surely the next one has to be longer.


final position 158/180  

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