After nearly 20 mins with not much play due to poor cards and a very aggressive table i finally get a decent pocket pair with an all in raise from the player to the right of me i decide to push with pocket 9s and thankfully they stood up for a nice double up.


I Get an ace wooooooo  after i min raise i get re-raised all in so i go for it hoping they either have a low pocket pair or even an ace with a lower kicker btu no such luck the pot is split with my opponent showing


This table is so aggressive im begging to be moved as the blinds are going to ruin me i need to be more aggresive and stop letting players bet me out every hand but then a time for me to be aggresive being UTG i pick up i raise to 900 then theres a push all in from a short stack its a no brainer for me to call as it is only another 300 i am feeling confident at this moment in time thinking he must have a weaker hand than me as the blinds are coming to them soon and they are about to go up so im thinking ace rag and im ready to add the extra 1000 to my stack and me ready to start becoming more aggressive then they turn with the board drawing nothing for me im dented loosing the 1000 ARRRRRRGGGGG.


With 10mins passing and im back to normal no hands to play and the blinds have drained me i have never been on such a powerful table im down to 498 chips i need something and quick then i see  please poker gods be with me as theres 900 just from the blinds i push my very short stack into the middle thinking hopefully il be scraping alot more back and continuing on my journey then thankfully the player on the button pushes all in which makes it heads up with the blinds folding the button turns  im ahead and stay well ahead after hitting 2 pair on the flop im still alive how long can i last on a table this agressive.


Ive made it to the money but im big blind and with my 600 in im only left with 1894 so when i look at my hand and see  im thinking nows the time to push with everyone folding up to the dealer who decides to raise im thinking im stronger than them as there trying to steal the blinds they turn  with the flop givng both of us a pair the turn and river keep us both at a pair im still in for and now carrying 4388 i can do this.




With me struggling to on this table the blinds have eaten me up there now 500/1000 so ive decided to push with  its just me and the small blind who turns with the flop showing 2 aces my journey in this tourney is over i made the money with my final position being 22/180 but i want that final table and 1st place finger crossed for next time

Thankyou for reading.  

please feel free to comment.      



PS if anyone has a home game that i could become a member of who do reguler tourneys i would like to be part of if possible cheers.