G'day mates...

Well it's been a little over a week now since my last post. I have been lazy in regards to updating the Blog.
So to bring you up to date.
The Bounty Hunters tried but were unable to get me. Everyone seemed to have a GREAT time trying to bring me down. I'm glad the players enjoted themselves, and a few even made a little cash placing in the money.
I have spent the last three day is alot of pain both on and off the tables. The pain meds help with the physical part but the poker tables have seen 50% of my bankroll fly away.

I have been hearing reports that this has been happoning to alot of very good PSO players over the last few days.

I'm not saying it's not my fault but ther have been some unbeliable  Runner Runner loses.
When you flop the nut flush and someone go's all in you think right on, and when they hit there miracle 1 outer on the river to make a stright flush you WTF, OMG ...

You know the rest of the tiraid

Well thats all for now gotta ly down somemore.