No matter how much I was it wasn't so, the fact remains that to lose weight, and get healthy, I am gonna need to exercise. Because of my physical condition this is VERY dificult but I had to start somewhere.

I have decided to use poker as part of my exercise regime. The way it works is simple ... every time I play a hand and lose I do 10 arm curls with each arm using a 5 lbs. weight.

doesn't sound like much of a workout does it. Well after playing in a PSO turny earlier and lasting to place in the money I can tell you that the 5lbs weight felt like 50 lbs after a certain point, also my arms was on fire and felt had as rocks.

I'm no exercise genius but something is happoning in my arms which caused to to sweet after a time. I am NOW modifying this workout to include arm and shoulder raises as well as chest butterflies.

I am about to begin anothe PSO turny for the well being of my health,  lets hope I go deep

Ronin Harper