If you are reading this post then I hope we will become very good friends and I look forward to seeing you at the tables.
I am sure many of you want to know what will make this Blog so unique. Well here it is my friends ....

On this Blog I will be totally honest and hold nothing back. I will be telling you about how as of today I begin living a NEW life.

1st - My real name is NOT "Ronin Harper", I am Leonard E. Spencer

2nd - At this very moment I am unsure of my exact weight but I can tell you I wear 8XL pants and have a 70" - 72" waist. The last time I was weighed aproximately 5 months ago I come in at an incredable heart breaking 576 lbs.

3rd -  I am starting a NEW health living program today. ( right this second ) I will get weighed tonight or tomorrow and post the new number here for you all to see, but I think i'm over 600 lbs now as I know i have gained weight because my sive 70" pants are tight.  Yes I am deeply embarressed by my condition.

On March 11th 2005 I was struck from behind by a drunk driver while broke down on the side of the road at around 2:30am. The police original at the seen thought I was dead and it scared the hell out of him when I opened my eyes and asked him a question.
To make a very long story short... My extreme obesity of 390 lbs at the time of the accident they say saved my life. Now it is totally destroying it as my own body is a prison and a daily hell filled with extreme pain.
I suffer everyday and even must fight just to get out of bed which at time is an incredible effort.
 My friends when you get as large as I am it hurts to even walk 15 feet and it litterally takes effort and causes shortness of breath.

But  today I start my NEW life and poker is going to be a MAJOR part of it.

This game we play litterally saved my life. How ? It did it by giving me something to do when I was at my lowest point  and considered killing myself to just make the pain go away .I only had poker for the first several months after my accident and I became extremely depressed. But playing and talking to some great online people gave me hope and I kept suffering so I could talk to the online poker people I knew.
I had never met these people but they saved my life because a few of them really seemed to care.
I still live in extreme paim and poker and the GREAT poker people I know online are still here getting me threw the days.

No words can ever thank you all enough but I i do THANK YOU all for having been my friends and a source of comfort over the years.
I wil be giving you requent updates about my weight loss struggles and I will post my food intake & exercise  journal entrys if you want them.
I will also post my poker explots too   this is afterall my poker life Blog.
See you at the tables mates
Oh and remember to fold to me as I got you bet