Just because I can easily replace my bankroll  does not mean that I should be leaking money like a sieve. I have to look to the future, so figure with my 58th birthday having just passed would be a good time to cut wood or get out of the forest.

So have decided to put ego asside and drop back down to the Micros until I can get back to being a profitable player once again. I was going to withdraw all my funds and start from Freerolls but decided that leaving myself a $100 Starting Bankroll should allow me to still collect my last $50 stellar reward  ( I need to earn 150 more VPP before December 31/13)

My bankroll rules are simple= Maximum 5% Buyin for STT's and 2% for MTT's

I will start using a bankroll tracker for each and every session

I will play Single and Multi Table SNG's to build my bankroll

I will take full advantage of Freerolls and PSO Skill Leagues to earn extra $

I will give full focus every game as well as study and take notes on villains

I will not play when I am Tired, Pissed Off, Depressed, Inebriated or High

I will set  short and long term goals

I will devote at least 1 hour per day minimum to learning and improving my game

I will publish at least 1 blog a week with progress updates

I will stop chasing Rewards & Special Offers from PokerStars unless it falls within my bankroll rules

That is about all I can think of at this time but am sure there are more to add
( Suggestions Appreciated)

My Short Term Goals to reach to by December 31

Grow bankroll to $300

This should not be too difficult as I will include my $50 stellar reward when reached as well I have 218 unused FPP that I will use to buy into VIP Freerolls & Sattys

Qualify for Premier League

Am still thinking on my long term goals, it may be a subject worthy blog itself so will have to think on it.

So there ya go, it's in writing and the only thing that can change my mind now is if I win the lottery or the Mission Week 3 for $15K   wouldn't that be sweet...lol

That's it that's all, thanks for reading and may the force be with you....