Was hoping to avoid this but you have left me no choice ( You being PSO ) You see I was trying to win an entry to next months



PokerSchoolOnline will reward any player who finishes in the TOP 400 of three Open League tournaments in a row during any month with a ticket to the following months 'Big Bang' tournament. Finishing in the Top 400 three times in a row is something that is very achievable and is accomplished by many players every month.

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As of today I have had 3 top 400 finishes in August but am sad to say I so far have not been able to string together 3 in a row   I will keep trying but this month ain't looking so good

So this leaves me no choice



I used to be so into blogging, but wasn't getting enough subscribers so just gave up on it up until now that is.

So what can I talk about  that will attract the attention of my fellow PSO participants, My problem is not a lack of subject matter. My problem is that I have too many ideas and am terrible at making decisions. ( Not a good trait for a poker player eh )

I do have an Idea for a series of blogs about my 2013 WCOOP . Being mostly a microstakes player up until recently I have never had the bankroll or the cajones to take a shot.

This year I have decided that I am going to risk $1500 bucks and play a few of the qualifiers and events and see what happens. If this is something that you think would be interesting then please subscribe to my blogs or at the very least leave me a comment, I would subscribe if I were you though because if I win or for that matter even break even all my loyal subscribers will be treated to a $100.00 freeroll.


Thanks for reading this far and have a great day on and off the felts.