Hey everyone today ive been watching Stan lees lucky man and today I binked the Jackpot tournie




The game lasted over 6 hours has 5 minute blinds for 30 minutes then reverts to 8 minute blind levels

Early on nothing really happened but then with just over 200 players remaining from over 6000 I found myself in 13th

Looking at the payouts I was thinking 3rd be very very nice


I got very lucky on the final table with 55 running into QQ but somehow ended up getting quads ! must be nice


Well with 4 players left I was in 4th way behind yet suddenly I found myself in 3rd up against 2 giants stacks

A deal was mentioned but I dont think there was a tick box option and one guy from Uruguay I later found out he didnt understand English very well as I wanted to look at a possible deal HU...so we all decided to play on

Going into Heads up my opponent had a whopping 19 million chips stack and I had a measly 2 million well i found actual details


Seat 4: rolo834 (2105860 in chips)
Seat 6: elmisuru (19918140 in chips)


and the big blind was 300,000


well I somehow battled to him 11 million me 10 million fell behind again...but I took the lead twice the final time my A6o running into JJ and him hitting quads


In the final hand I got very lucky again my A8o allin running into A9s butthe turn was a sweet sweet 8 a date with an 8..just looked back and if that 8 hadnt of come would have had 4 bb left phew !


Its my highest ever cash by far will certainly help out pay for lenses and glasses plus just booked a holiday in September so will help towards that 


The Heads Up was actually for $199.01 considering the blinds were so high and the stacks so shallow the lead swung at least 5 times and HU went on for 26 minutes including a break just before midnight!


I will attempt to post a screenshot now of the win (more as proof to me than any of you reading this as I can hardly believe it) but judging by my attempts last time may not work



Not much strategy content in here but my tip would be to get a HUD oh and study as since I go tmy new computer and HUD well just a faster computer helps have been doing better


The other day I scratched off 2 JACKPOTS but didnt win the JACKPOT but managed to win this tournament


Thanks PSO


PS I have a feeling my saved image may not show up as it too big so in case it doesnt work there were 6460 entrants and i took home a whopping $732.85 which is double my previous best ever result