Im a trusting kinda guy however with all these ramblings and rumours of online poker being rigged I guess it was always in the back of my mind to some extent but only 15% yet ive never deposited so how are they so-called scamming me exactly?



When I first started "gambling" I trusted the sites 100% until I started hearing the mutterings of the doomswitch mongerers and the cashout curses



Its like ghosts and UFO's a few say they have proof but im yet to see any ..and the loch ness monster.well for years in folklore the story continued and gathered pace




Bad example ghosts and UFO as10% or more of you probably do believe in them but lock Ness has been scannedwith radar so he must have been on his holidays


So around 3 years ago well times flys it could have been 5 years I took down a freeroll for $290 and at that point thought no way its rigged now but friends and family still had doubts and said a"ah but can you withdraw tha tmoney ? "

Well I didnt want to withdraw it all so I did choose to withdraw some just to see how that side of things worked as ive never deposited(built bankroll thru freerolls) / promos/leagues the way it wasnt on Pokerstars but I wont name the rival site here


Sure enough the money landed in my bank account..since then ive also been lucky to win a !raffle on twitch so thats not rigged either


Some months you will have bad luck everyone will .the sites gain their rake or Tournament entrance fees so they are then paid in full and do no thave to do anything dodgy  as there is no point risking their repuation or livelyhood


Some people may still,after readign this, choose to think the world is against them its fixed so that they lose but going into a strategy game with a negative mindset is obviously a bad thing to do and sometiems your beaten before youve even begun


Good luck in your games and remember to use proper Bankroll Management