I'll be playing my first ever large field live event on Wednesday... and hopefully Saturday.  It is a freeroll, but there are plenty of true sharks playing.

Live real money tournaments are illegal in Norway. Therefore, the Norwegian Poker Championships are always held in another country. This year they will once again take place in Dublin in April. The Main Event has an 800 euro buy in.  Since we can't play for real money in Norway, a huge freeroll is being offerred instead. There are a ton of prizes from sponsors, including 6 seats to the Dublin ME. 

The freeroll has three Day 1s (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), each with about 400 entrants. Play is set to run from 6:30 in the evening to no later than 1:00 in the morning. Day 2 on Saturday will be a long day grinding down from about 1000 players to the end! It starts at noon and must be finished by 3 in the morning. That makes for 18 hours sitting at the poker table!

Yes, this is a freeroll, but most of the big names from Norway will be playing. I know that Anders Høyer Berg aka "Donald" is playing on Wednesday and Johnny Lodden is playing on Friday, just to name a few. Although to be quite honest I doubt I will recognize too many faces and will have to rely on my reading skills to figure out who is who at my table. I expect to see plenty of play on both ends of the spectrum.

I'm playing on Wednesday with a few friends from my home game. I'll be dealing as well. In order to keep costs down since this is a freeroll, each table will have two player/dealers. I have plenty of experience dealing at my homegames. Moreover, since I would be double checking everthing any other player/dealer did, I thought it best to just do the dealing myself. Let's hope I keep the misdeals to a minimum - meaning none.

Hopefully I will survive Day 1 and hopefully I will win a seat to Dublin. Regardless, it should be a fun and educational experience. I'll try to keep you updated via Twitter.

Anyone else playing?  


Roland GTX