I had some rungood over the weekend taking down an MTT for a $395 cash!

Since MTT wins are few and far between for me, I couldn’t resist the urge to talk about it. It was a $1.10 rebuy turbo MTT with 2000 chip starting stacks. There were 689 players and a prize pool of $2150. The tourney only lasted  208 hands, and even with the one hour rebuy period, it played out quite similar to the 180 man turbos I’m used to. I started the tourney with a double buyin and never looked back except for taking the addon. This made for a great return on a three buck investment!

The first 50 hands were uneventful. I hovered around my 4K starting stack while the blinds kept increasing. Then I hit a two orbit string of playable spots right when I really needed them. I doubled with 55. Four hands later I doubled a second time when my AA held. Then I raised J9o from the sb and the bb called with J4. I lead out on the J high flop and got raised. Trusting my read, I 3bet all in and doubled a third time! Now I had a 50bb stack and was able to play some poker.

I was happy with the way I played the mid game. Often I either play too loose spewing chips, or too tight not daring to make the necessary moves. This tourney I think I found a good balance and steadily accumulated chips doubling my stack over the next 50 hands. Yet being a turbo, I still wasn’t able to keep up with the blinds and was back in push-fold mode. That was when disaster hit…

I was left with less than 3bbs, an M of less than 2 and one hand from being hit with the big blind. I was shoving the next hand no matter what. Luckily I was dealt a decent hand with 77, but my shove got called again in two spots by A10o and AKo. The AJ9 flop looked to be the end of my tourney life, but a miracle 7 on turn won the hand and gave me a 10bb stack. Sucking out always feels best when you are already sure you have been sent to the rail!

There were no playable spots the next orbit, but there was a blind increase. I chose to shove K4o from utg rather than blinding out. This had nothing to do with my cards and everything to do with my M and relative stack sizes.

I stayed alive, but by this time we were down to the final two tables and I was struggling. I was on a short table with all the big stacks and had very few options other than being patient. I made it to the final table with sitting in 7th with a short, but playable stack.

It only took 161 hands to reach the final table. It took another 47 hands to secure the win. Another nice run of cards at the start moved me from being a short stack to being a slight chipleader with five players remaining. That is when this hand occurred.

After that massive pot, I was confident I would win the tourney as long as I didn’t do anything stupid. I got heads up with a 2:1 chip lead against a fairly passive player. This made the endgame pretty straight forward. I ended the tourney in the same manner as the rest of the evening, by getting it in bad, and finding some love on the river!

Roland GTX

PS: Thanks for all your support JWK24! You helped me stay focused throughout the tricky late stages.