In a blog post at the outset of the year, I laid out my goals for 2013 and how I intended on reaching them. My Goals were as follows:

Become a Goldstar VIP - YES
Well, this goal is actually easy to achieve. It is just a matter of spending enough time and money at the tables. I made Goldstar in February while going on serious tilt. That wasn’t too impressive and doesn’t count in my mind. I made Goldstar again in the fall and have been there most months since. This time around I have been doing it profitably though. I accumulated about 17K VPPs and played nearly 500 000 hands of poker.

Make 6K in profit - NO
I have had a decent year but fell far short of this goal. I have made enough to make some nice withdrawals which keeps everyone happy on the homefront. Again, this goal doesn’t really mean much in and of itself. I am playing profitable poker most of the time. That is the important part.

Keep improving - YES
This goal is the hardest to define, yet the most important of them all. I wanted to minimize my losses by patching leaks. I also wanted to improve my A-game by learning new lines.

I have learned a ton this year, no doubt! At the start of the year, I was still quite new to cash games. As a result I had some huge gaps in my poker knowledge, areas that I was completely ignorant of, such as turning a strong hand into a bluff. I also had a huge number of areas that I was slightly familiar with, but didn’t really understand all the details of, for example c-betting. I knew I should c-bet most of the time, but didn’t really get how to compare the texture of the board to the opponent’s likely range. Through analyzing my hands, live training, reading, as well as just building up my experience though playing poker, I have improved significantly on many of these areas. They have gone from points of ignorance, to points that I now do unconsciously. In so many facets of the game, I believe I have moved from playing solely based on axioms and generalities to being able to analyze each specific situation and player.

I am also quite happy with my dedication to learning this year. I have been focused all year and prioritized time for reviewing my play and taking advantage of all that PSO has to offer.

Perhaps the biggest surprize of 2013 was learning to play 6-max! I’m comfortable playing 25NL or lower at both full ring and 6-max now. I can also muddle by at PLO and PLO8. I even won a small Courchevel tourney this year. Don’t ask me how that happened LOL! There are still plenty of formats to learn though.

All in all, I am a better poker player today than I was a year ago. I am happy with 2013 and as ever optimistic about the coming year.

Being part of TeamPSO
Being on the team has its benefits. Firstly, I thoroughly enjoy helping others, and the community at PSO is excellent. There are plenty of great members and most honestly want to learn. I hope that you have found my posts useful, motivating and friendly. Secondly, the trainers are scary good (so are many of the mods. Don’t let them fool you!). They inspire me to improve -thanks! They also demonstrate the level of play I want to ultimately achieve. Moreover, knowing Dave might be reading a hand analysis of mine always makes me think a bit deeper about my analysis before posting. Putting a few minutes extra thought into every problem yields benefits for the poster and for my own learning. It doesn’t get better than that

My goals for the new year are not finalized, but I do know one thing. I want to be a reg at 100NL by the end of the year... 

Thanks for a great year!

Roland GTX