This post is a bit late in coming, but I have been busy with my real job lately. I spent the first week of December in Accra, Ghana. It was about 85 degrees (33 celcius) and humid, quite a change from the freezing tempuratures in Oslo! 

Being in Africa is always an eye-opener for me. There is always someithingy new and exciting to  experience whether it be the nature, the driving or the food. More importantly though are the people. On this trip I worked closely with a group of four; a composer, a professor, a novelist and and a publisher. Being together all day, every day for a week allowed for ample opportunity to get to know eachother. This was a great group of guys who knew there stuff professionally and were extremely kind and interesting personally.

Yet, from the passenger window of our car I was constantly confronted by the massive number of desperate individuals truly struggling to make it to the next day. People who don't know when their next meal might be. It is a bleak and sobering experience. It does make me appreciate the life I have with my family in Norway. 

Now, let's move on to poker. In November I played about 4K hands of 50NL regular 6-Max. I only played a single table during these sessions and focused on note taking and reads. I was profitable at 4bb/100. The most noteworthy point though is my style of play. The more information I build up on the opponents, the laggier my style becomes. Normally, I am rather nitty. Playing LAG is not someithing I am purposely trying to do. I believe it is a good indication of what I have learned about poker this year. I can play more hands on these tables because I have become better at ranging/reading my opponents which in turn is allowing me to profitably play a wider range of hands. I am quite happy about  this improvement in my game. Although, I don't know if playing so loose is optimal.

I spent most of my time at 25NL Zoom 6-max. I played ok at the start of the month. I still have a nasty habit of overplaying single pair hands now and then. I don't do this often, but it is very expensive when I do... Toward the end of November  I had problems with my back again. I was home from work for several days and taking pretty strong pain pills. I didn't feel like I was mentally impared, but I was. Small changes occurred in my play and I spewed a fair amount of money making for a losing month at 25NL. The loss is fine. The important point is that the difference between my winning A-game and my losing (intoxicated) C-game is hard to even find when looking at my stats, yet glaringly obvious when looking at my results. I am still trying to define this leak. This is an important step since it represents a fundamental flaw in my baseline play.

Now in December, I am preparing my goals and plans for 2014. I will get a year end review as well as my 2014 plan up in January.

GL and have fun at the tables!

Roland GTX