October has been a profitable, but low volume month. I divided my time between 10NL and 25NL 6-Max Zoom, 50NL 6-Max regular tables and studying. During the Zoom sessions, I focused on practicing the things I know, trying to make them more routine so that I recognize certain situations more easily. In other words, improving the weaker points in my game.  During my single table sessions on 50NL I was really working on expanding my game. In other words, improving the stronger points in my game. I didn’t play much volume in October, I spend a lot of time reading and reviewing hands in HM2.

There are a few points worth mentioning.

Note taking on Zoom
Anytime I play a significant hand, especially those that go to the showdown, I pause all my tables, review the hand in the replayer, and make an appropriate note on the player. This is quick and easy to do. Moreover, these notes are extremely useful. You do encounter the same players repeatedly.

I have been focused on c-betting. In particular, situations where I raise preflop and get called by a villain with position on me. Previously, I often checked missed flops rather than build the pot out of position. Now I see, for example, that on dry boards with an A or K scare card, I can profitably c-bet most opponents since their ranges consist of more pairs and suited connectors than big ace hands. The Axxr flops hit my range better than the preflop caller’s.

Table selection
I spend a fair amount of time selecting a good table for my 50NL regular table sessions. I try to find tables with several weaker players. Then I go out of my way to play hands against them. This may seem a bit brutal, but I think it is a reality of poker.

1 year anniversary
I can’t believe it has been a year already, but I joined TeamPSO exactly one year ago. It has been great being here! I hope I have helped some members, especially the new players in the Bankroll Builder section. And, thanks to everyone who has helped me!

Team Online Week
This has been one of my favorite promotions ever. The coaching portions are fantastic! And the Zoom sessions have been crazy fun! I decided to submit a video to the Team Pokerstars Online Film Festival. The allure of winning a package to the PCA was irresistible! Here is my submission.

GL and have fun at the tables in November!

Roland GTX