Rebuilding my bankroll has been my main focus since my last update. If you recall, I emptied my Pokerstars account at the start of June leaving only 10 bucks. My poker profits helped fund a long family vacation in the US. The trip was great! The only downside was not being able to log on to Pokerstars all July.

I did; however, get to play live at the Hollywood Casino in Ohio three times. There are no casinos in Norway, so playing live is always a treat! The casino is new. The dealers and players were friendly. The $2NL tables were soft, and I made a nice profit! I was hoping to get into a $5 game, but those tables never opened up during the daytime while I was there. I have to say I hated their chips though. They were rather dirty and often stuck together. They didn’t look or feel very nice either. I’m not sure what they were made out of, but it didn’t seem to be either clay or ceramic. Cheap chips or not, I will go back there any chance I get.

Well, I’m back to my regular grind now. My $10 bankroll has grown nicely. I was happy to see that I maintained solid bankroll management all June. I stuck to 2NL, then 5NL and resisted the urge to jump to higher levels. I am now playing 10NL and have even started taking shots at 25NL. I have been playing 6-Max Zoom at the lower levels, but have been playing both Full Ring and 6-Max at 25NL. So far, so good...

I have been reviewing my stats and it appears I am losing more than necessary from the blinds, -39bb/100 in the bb and about half that in the sb. I don’t know if I am playing too many hands, or if it a matter of poorly executing those that I do play. The answer is probably a little bit of both. Either way, this is a particular area of improvement that I will be focusing on throughout August.

I played a few MTTs at the start of August as well as a handful of $2.50 180 Man Turbos which used to be my main gig. No deep runs in the MTTs, but I did place 3rd in a 180 man. I like that the payout structure for the 180 mans has been changed from top 18 being ITM to top 27. This doesn’t impact to payout that much for the top three spots, but it does help cut down on variance. Moreover, the likelihood of having a long stretch of games not making the money has decreased significantly. Getting more frequent ITMs helps my mental game tremendously.

That is about it for now. All is well on my end (thanks for the PMs!). I am looking forward to an active fall here at PSO improving my game and helping others do the same.

I hope you have had a great summer and best of Luck in August!

Roland GTX