I made Goldstar again in April, added 50NL Zoom to my sessions, and ended the month down a bit.

April started poorly. During the first two days I lost three preflop all ins holding AA to KK. I also lost two preflop all ins where I shoved my KK into AA. And, to top it off, I lost a $110 multiway pot where I moved all in on the turn ahead with a nut flush. The board paired on the river giving one villain quads. It happens. The important point is that I didn’t tilt.

My Easter snowboarding fiasco allowed me to put in a larger volume than normal since I was unable to work at the start of the month. The big volume accounts for my Goldstar, but I lost my edge in this period. I didn’t make many mistakes, but the ones I did make were typically expensive. Perhaps the painkillers dulled my senses, but I think it more likely that I was just playing too much and simply not paying enough attention to my opponents.

I have been slowly widening my opening range all year as my post flop play has improved. In April I played TAG most of the month which I thought would be a good thing. I’ve gotten better at recognizing when other TAGs are 3-betting light vs btn steals, or when facing a raise and a string of callers. I even started 4-betting light!

Playing TAG didn’t work out as I had hoped though. For example, I was 3-betting from position much more than I used too. I won a bunch of small pots this way by getting folds. However, I lost a bunch of pots getting 4-bet or forced to fold post flop, as well. Perhaps I went too far in being aggressive, or perhaps I didn’t go far enough. I don’t know.The bottom line is that I am consistently more profitable on Zoom playing the slightly less aggressive borderline ABC/TAG.  I adjusted my game, regained my Zoom sweet spot, and starting being profitable again. My more TAGish approach does seem better suited for regular tables though.

I wanted to cut back a bit on my volume and was feeling confident despite my results. So, I started playing 50NL Zoom. Moving up levels helped me stay focused and stick to careful play. I haven’t put in more than a few thousand hands here yet. But, I have been profitable thus far. Quite a few of the 25NL regs are also 50NL regs.

My preflop game is pretty well defined now and follows rather straightforward concepts. I think the real battle is actually remaining disciplined enough not to veer from the plan, especially in spots where you are calling.

Yet, I still have to work on my post flop play. Hand analysis is my main tool for this. Too many times I have c-bet with TPTK and gotten called, then slowed down checking the turn for pot control and inadvertently allowing the villain make two pair or better on the river. I need to improve on recognizing when to fire a second barrel on the turn. Being careful not to overplay TPTK is one thing, but passively letting the villain draw out cheaply is something else. Originally I had written up more details about this aspect. However, I suggest you go watch any of Gareth’s Zoom videos. That is what I am emulating, and he does a much better job explaining it!

I have also started testing out the waters of 6-Max Zoom. In May I intend on starting at 2NL and working my way up. 25NL full ring will still be my main focus.

The Spring Fever series was fun, especially Event 10. That was the first time I have experienced having a bounty on my head! The April Big Bang and the Red Spade were less fun as both turned out to be short lived experiences. Although commentating the final table of the Big Bang with CannonLee and ArtySmokesPS was great. Yes, I know I have plenty of room for improvement as a commentator! Hopefully I will get another chance.

I almost got deep in the Hot $11 Turbo MTT (25K GTD). There were 5250 entries and I ended up 24th. That is so close to the final table, but not close enough for a major payout. I won 131 dollars and had used T-dollars from the WBCOOP to enter.

Note Caddy
I bought Note Caddy, the HEM2 add on. It auto-notes all your opponents including comments such as “I 3-bet villain 3 out of 10 times and what his response was”. I find taking notes with Zoom isn’t always easy since I can’t go back and replay every single hand. Note Caddy seems to do what it is supposed to. I’m happy with it thus far. You still need to pay attention and make your own notes. Yet, it does help while multitabling Zoom.

I am healthy now, feeling confident and still improving. Let’s hope May is a good month for us all!

Roland GTX