All the cards have been dealt in the 2013 WBCOOP.


All that remains is to see who comes out on top of the leaderboard, and who wins the coveted ”Best Blogger” award. I’m not a contender on the leaderboad, but I still have hopes of being considered for the best blogger, or that it at least lands in PSO hands. Trying to type with my fingers crossed is not easy!

The WBCOOP Main Event took place yesterday. I min-cashed, but wasn’t able to bring my A-game. I had to sit out several long stretches in order to make dinner, pick up the kids, etc. I love poker, but I still need to keep my priorities straight!

Congratulations to TIGER CENTE (India) on taking it down! Has anyone found his/her blog? Moreover, congratulations to chillipops on his 27th place finish making him, I believe, the deepest running PSO member!

Leading up to the Main Event, I played in five more WBCOOP tourneys since my last post.

Event 20 PLHE Turbo: Out 120th. Just call me bubble boy!

Event 23 NLHE Big Antes: Out 264th. Don't ask...

Event 24 No limit Omaha hi/lo: Out 101st. Min-cash for a $5 SCOOP ticket

Event 26 PLO8 6-Max: Out 92nd. Min-cash for a  $5 SCOOP ticket

Event 28 Horse: I lost track of time and didn’t play the event. Wasted ticket...

All were rather uneventful card-wise. However, the chatter at the tables and in here in forums was fantastic throughout the entire competition. The social buzz is really what the WBCOOP is all about, and with that in mind I consider this year the best WBCOOP thus far. PSO showed its strength with members making the final table on very many events. A few times there were several members at the same final table! Congratulations - railing you was a blast!

I ended the blogger competition with 1 final table, 5 SCOOP tickets, a min-cash in the Main Event and a ton of fun. The SCOOP schedule is not yet released; therefore, I’m unsure if I will be using my tickets on MicroMillions events or waiting for the SCOOP. I do hope to play in the MicroMillions $5.5 Zoom tourney though. Zoom is great!

The Big Bang
A few other events occurred during the WBCOOP that are worth mentioning. Firstly, I won a Big Bang ticket for my February Update post. I ended up 23rd for a nice cash, but peanuts compared to Mr mendes and marvinsytan who both made the final table. Both were also in the WBCOOP. Nice running gentlemen!

The Professionals vs TeamPokerstars
I also play on Full Tilt. Rush tourneys are a blast, not to mention pretty soft! Well, Full Tilt had a promo last week hyping a series of heads up battles between the biggest names on both sites.

Isildur1 vs Bertrand ”ElkY” Grospellier
Durrrr vs Isaac ”luvthewnba” Haxton
Gun Hanson vs Daniel ”Kid Poker” Negreanu

Well, I hedged my bet by putting it all on Pokerstars thinking at least one would win. This was fortuitous since Pokerstars swept the series. I won three freeroll tickets and a $20 bonus for getting all three correct! Winning the tickets was good, winning the cash was better, but watching the big guns go head to head was a real treat. Great promo FullTilt!

That is it for now. I’ll let you know how my quest ot parley all these tickets into real cash turns out. Plus, I will probably be taking a closer look at 25NL Full Ring Zoom in my next post.

Roland GTX