The WBCOOP 2013 is starting up. This is a great promotion for bloggers and an easy way to win some nice tourney tickets. If you haven't already submitted an entry you can read about how in the WBCOOP Discussion post.

Video blogs were quite popular last year, but I'm old school. My entry is all text. You can read my entry at Roland's Room on Blogger. This will be old news for many of you, but it was my best moment, thus far....

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Finally, once the voting starts over at PokerNews, I encourage everyone to take the time to vote, daily if possible! In 2012 our very own RoyalRaiser won the Best Blogger Award! Nice one brother! Let's work together to ensure that the 2013 award remains at PSO!

I am a serious blogger and, yes, I want to win this competition. So, if you like my blog, I would appreciate your vote. But, like last year, I want PSO to be well represented. I intend on voting for every PSO entry that I can find and ask you to do the same. Whether it is me, Raiser or another PSO member, just be sure to show your support and vote

Good Luck to all PSO bloggers! I'll be looking for you at the tables!

Roland GTX

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