October has been a fun month at the tables! 

Happy Halloween!

I played an average of 90 minutes a day, and my bankroll has grown significantly. Most importantly, I have learned quite a lot these past four weeks.


MVP for Team Full Ring in FR vs 6-max Challenge
I haven’t used my tickets yet, but I am looking forward to the coaching session with TheLangolier in November!

30K hands of Zoom
I made quite a profit playing Zoom which is great considering I am pretty unexperienced at ring games. Plus, the FPPs rack up fast. I accumulated more than 2000 FPPs in October which is the most I have ever done in a month. Perhaps Goldstar is possible...

$200 pot in 100NL Zoom
Making a $75 dollar river call is outside my comfort zone, but I made the call and stacked a Platinum star in a blind vs blind pissing match. Yes, this was probably a case of ”Wrong Move, Right Result”, but I’m not complaining!

2 x Boom Hand of the Day Promo
I binked two boom hands at 25NL Zoom for an extra 50 bucks.  Free money is always good!

Sunday Million Ticket
PINOY_HITMAN inspired me to give the $1.65 R satelites a try. I converted five bucks into $215 T dollars on my second attempt!

Cashed in $44 MTT turbo
I love playing MTTs and almost got deep in this one... But, any time I cash for more than $100 I am smiling!

Spewing T dollars
I have a hard time treating T dollars as real money. As a result, I regged for quite a few higher stakes MTTs with my winnings from the Sunday Million sat. This was a lot of fun, but not the best example of bankroll management.

Spewing stacks on Zoom
The last week has reminded me that Zoom in not my personal ATM. I can still run cold and I can still play horribly. My biggest concern is that I have leaks in my game that I am not even aware of.

Goals for November
*Play at least 20K hands of 25NL Zoom
*Play at least one hundred 180 man turbos (a combination of $2, $8 and $3R buyins)
*Play no more than 1 high buy in MTT a week

*Improve my game through coaching, videos and posting problem hands
*Learn to make better use of HEM stat reviews
*Get Silverstar for December within first two weeks
*Make a plan for converting my FPPs into something useful

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Roland GTX