After a confidence building run in the Full Ring vs 6-Max challenge last month, I have decided to make a serious attempt at cash tabling.

Red Wizards are Evil. Watch out...!

Red Wizards are Evil...Watch out!

I am a tourney player at heart. I prefer normal speed, but as a recreational player with a family and day job, I simply don’t have the time for long sessions. Playing turbo toruneys has been a good comprimize for me since 180 man turbos usually takes less than two hours. I have been profitable all year playing these, but there have been two major drawbacks as well.

Firstly, there is a ton of variance in the 180 man turbos. Handling a 50 game stretch without getting a top 3 finish is to be expected, but it still puts a dent in my confindence, not to mention my bankroll.

Secondly, the turbos are predominantly a preflop game. I like with this because it keeps my choices simple and makes multitabling easier. However, I notice that my post flop play in the later stages of big MTTs needs improvement.

Playing in cash game challenges has been a fun way for me to work on my deep stack, post flop play. Surprizingly enough, I have run well in these things. I see several benefits to playing cash tables.

Firstly, I like Zoom – LOL! ( and loved the Rush Tournies with multiple buyins...) Four tabling Zoom lets me play about 1200 hands an hour, while only needing to focus on four tables. I normally play eight or twelve 180 mans, so playing four zoom tables makes life easy.

More FPPs – playing 300-400 tourneys a month nets me less than 500 fpps at my stakes, keeping me stuck as a Bronze star. The FPPs build up fast playing Zoom though. I have already made Silverstar for this month and that was playing 5NL and 10NL.

Less variance – I am still going to have ups and downs, but significantly less than in tourneys.

Getting Better – ring games are improving my postflop play and making me a better poker player.

Three Month  Plans and Goals
Play 25NL Zoom full ring the first two weeks of each month.  (Yes, Im rolled for it)
         This will keep my Silverstar VIP
         50% of monthly Zoom profit will be used to build my bankroll
         50% of monthly Zoom profit will be used to play tourneys the final two weeks of the month.

I have already set this in motion. I single tabled 25NL Zoom the past three days just to get my feet wet. Within the first five minutes I spewed a whole stack after 4 betting my AKs from the bb into a btn raiser who wasn’t bluffing. He had AA - LOL! I kept at it and ended the session up 27. I have been running like Sandtrap all week. 1200 hands of 25NL Zoom and $97 in profit! I know it can’t last, but it is a nice start.

I’ll keep you posted

Roland GTX