I've played my two hundred tourneys. Was I profitable? Like so much in poker, the best answer would be to say "that depends...". Here are the final results:

Game Type                    Games Played                    Profit                    ROI
$2.50/180 Turbo                    100                             $ 206.26                 83%
$3.50/45 Turbo                      100                            $ -104.62                -30%
Total                                         200                            $ 101.64                  17%

Finish Distribution          180s          45s
      1st                              2                 2
         2nd                              1                 1
         3rd                               0                 2
         4th                               1                 3
         5th                                0                0
         6th                                1                1
         7th                                 0               3
         8th                                2
         9th                                2
     10th-18th                        8                         
     Total                                17               12 

Overall I was profitable:-D   A 17% ROI is much better than I tend to run. I have also had a great time these past two weeks working on this challenge.  My goal though was to be profitable in both game types, not just in total.

Am I great at 180s and horrible at the 45s? Or was I lucky in the 180s and unlucky in the 45? The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Luck is always a factor, but hopefully a careful review of my HeM stats will reveal some good play in the 180s that I can continue with and some leaky play in the 45s that I can try to fix. 

Expect to find me continuing with these MTTs in the weeks to come.

GL and have fun at the tables!

Roland GTX