As you know, my February challenge is to play one hundred $2.50/180 man turbos and one hunded $3.50/45 man turbos - profitably. I only have a few days of play left to go. Here is how things look:

Type          Games Played          Profit          ITMs
$2.50/180          73                        230            13
$3.50/45            76                         -92              9
Total                 149                        138            22

I've been on a heater in the 180s with two 1st place and one 2nd place finishes. If it weren't for those, I'd been in big trouble here.

Unfortunately, I'm giving away money in the 45s. Yes, I've lost plenty of hands where I was ahead, but I think the problem is one of my own making. I don't think I'm switching gears midgame at the right time. 

Looking closer at the 45 mans played, I've finished between 10th and 18th 23 times, and have an additional 6 bubble boy finishes. Reviewing my hand histories, I am fairly comfortable with the hands I've been shoving (and losing with). The problem seems tied to stack sizes more than starting hands.

In some cases I've been a bit too eager to make all in steals with a big stack vs another big stack. Sometimes protecting your stack is better than a marginal tourney risking steal.

In other cases, I've waited too long to pull the trigger. WIth the blinds increasing fast in the turbos plus the antes, players are pressured to shove, and call shoves, pretty light. From my hand histories, there are several spots where my M was still survivable, but my Q had dropped below 0.5. Past this point, your fold equity evaporates fast! 

Finding the sweet spot is the clue to final tabling these turbos. I found it before when I played them all the time, but I lost it. I need to find it again fast, or just get lucky, if I'm going to beat this half of my challenge!

All advice is welcome!

Good Luck and Have Fun at the tables:-D

Roland GTX