I'm halfway through my 200 game challenge. Here's how things look thus far:

Game Type           Games Played            ITMs              Profit
$2.5/180T                        51                          8               $ 124.67
$3.5/45T                          53                          8               $ - 15.90
Total                               104                       16                $108.77

Several FTs in the 180s have already ensured that I beat that half of the challenge :mrgreen:  With only 49 tourneys left, I can finish outside the money in them all and still show a two dollar profit! Hopefully I can do better than that though.

I've also started digging myself out of the hole I had made in the 45s. Being down -16 bucks is a huge improvement on the -60 I was showing before the weekend. I have been making use of everything in the hh forums and video section to work the rust out of my high blind play in these. So, thanks to the regs and trainers for all their help!

Roland GTX