Tourney Type                      Games Played             Profit             ITMs
$2.50/180 man turbo                     35                       $77.75              6
$3.50/45 man turbo                       36                       $-56.40             5
Total                                                  71                        $21.35            11

I'm a third of the way into my 200 game challenge. Things look good for the 180s after taking 1st in one of them. I'm getting spanked in the 45s though. Thankfully, there is a long way to go still. There is a load of variance in these turbos. Apropos variance...

Multitabling to avoid tilting
I'm a recreational player (Yes, I read the blog - nice post! And, yes, I play for fun). As a recreational player, multitabling increases the fun aspect of poker for me. Here is why. There is a lot of variance in the 180 man turbos. Even at the $2.50 level, the world's best poker player would still have long strings without any final table finishes. Going 100 games without a 1st isn't unusual. 

If I were to only play one tourney a day, I would often encounter weeks and perhaps months without a single ITM finish. Going this long without cashing makes me doubt my play, frustrates me when my premium hands don't hold up, and leads me down the slow path to tilting. 

However, by multitabling I decrease the length of my dry spells. Not in terms of number of games without cashing, but in actual number of days without cashing. For me this makes a huge difference.

Furthermore, if your AA gets cracked by garbage on one table, no worries, you still have a bunch of other tables running (if you were ai preflop, then you probably didn't even see how your AA hand got rivered, because you were busy with another table already...) 

Yes, I'm giving up a small edge by multitabling, but I'm still breaking even. And I'm definately having fun!


Roland GTX