The Challenge:
To profitably play one hundred $2.50/180 man turbos and one hundred $3.50/45 man turbos between today (24 Jan) and the end of February. 

I'll be 6 or 8 tabling my way through this challenge. Half the tables each set will be 180s and the other half will be 45s. One set a day ought to keep me on track.

I'll be posting weekly updates on my progress. If anyone wants to join in on the fun just say the word!

About Roland GTX
I just joined PSO and this is my first blog post. However, I've been playing on PokerStars since 2008. I must be getting close to 10K tourneys and sngs under my belt, have read all the books, but nonetheless am a break even player. Sharkscope puts me at 6833 sngs, +3% ROI and -366 bucks today. That sounds about right - no excuses here! Go search out my poker blog over at blogger if you want to know more about my poker background, or just want to admire my custom chip set  

Well, I used to only play the 3/45s and was/am profitable there. I'm using this challenge to help me regain my focus, and I'm using PSO to help me imrove my game. If I'm lucky TheLangolier will walk me through one of my hand histories and show me and the rest of the world why I suck...

Roland GTX