1. Result of last month

I could cry and telling you the lie how I was unlucky and how every single fish around was soo lucky to catch something on river. I had AA and KK 160x with profit -$10.

But let's face the true. i should easily outplay them even without AA. KK, set, straight or flush. And I didn't.  In two sessions I lost a big pot at very beginning and it really affected my whole session. Also when I have felling I will not win....I am definitely not going to win.

On the other hand past months I finished always in profit, had also few shot on 5NL. I was so counting I will move to 5NL this month that I forgot to concentrate on poker and played more like a click arcade game. So I deserved it.

2. Few hands

I am not sure, nothing really interesting.....but I told myself I always post few hands.

a) Fish attacked...or was attacked?

Vil stats: something like 60/0/60hands, no postflop stat. I put him into anything. His all in I put into big bluff or one pair. They always slowplay set, straight, flush, AA and KK. Funny things is that I thought I am a big favourite here and acutally I have only around 77% chance to win. I will lose every four hand.

b)  **** Poker

this hand happened yesterday like a minute after (or a day before, I had exact hand like this, I am not sure which one I exctracted) . Not comment needed.

c) Out of my head

it happened also yesterday. Villian 2 is a reg. I have 2.5k hands with him. Vill 4+6 are fish, I am not counting them. They could've have random hand. They were playing almost every hand usualy waiting for miricales happen on the river. If they have higher pair, the raise quite often.

Pre- FLOP: by just calling I put him into any pair, suited connectors, AT+.

FLOP: I bet.If he completly missed, he would fold. Very likely fold lower connectors, no AA/KK (raise preflop). So I bet him into higher connectors, A or K with some other spade. If spade on the river, i would fold.

TURN: When he called I was thinkig what the hell that means. If 8 could help him anyhow, he would have 97...I doubt he would be playing this. Regs with stats between 10-20VPIP are not waiting for miracles or catching 4 outs on the turn and river. So I bet everything on flush

River: No flush completed.  I though he could possible play A4. I though 47 is not in a range of any player Or a set but I guess he would raise it for value even before the turn.  Or A4s and catching flush.... but at end I thought I could play some high pair and thinking i am bluffing so I decided to raise and called allin because I thought I am good.

I was speechless after he showed cards. I marked him as strange player with a note and I will be more carefull with him. Really reg opening with 64s with two spade on the flop? to me he had 11% to catch straigh after flop (none reg I guess will try to catch it). Flush 30% ok but are you willing to play 64s for flush?

what is your opinion guys?


3. Goals

Read few articles how to play AK

Summary of most of the articals I read

Pre-Flop: BET BET BET BET, if raise, RE-RAISE. IF re-reraise, depends on the oponnent: Either ALL-IN or FOLD

FLOP HIT (we hit in 1/3): BET BET BET BET, If raise,  RE-RASIE, if re-raise, all-in. TPTK with possibility to improve and beat of course impossible!!

FLOP missed: BET BET BET, IF raise, depends on the oppoenent, FOLD is a good option here also.

Turn and River are not important, we are either pot commited or already fold I am just kidding of course, but sounds to me something like that Not too bad news to me is, I am +$2.35 with AK.

Imporve my HUD

thanks to few people here I changed my HUD configuration. Bad news my stats are much worse then before I need to get used to of it.

Play live poker

Failed. I was not in the mood on Friday to play liver poker so i decided rather to play online and loose few chips there. The result is almost the same. I lost few bucks and had few can of beer

But at least to have a glimpse of a real poker I went to see EPT in Vienna in Hofburg. Not play poker for sure, just to take familie for a walk through city center and Hofburf where the event was placed
Amazing event and pokerstars really choosed a beatiful place for it.



4. Gols for next week.

1. Anylize my game, at least
2. Play live poker on Friday