I have not written a blog for a very long time. It is on my goal that I completly failed this year Working to improve it


a lot of happen in my life this year, only positive things. I have got a new job this year, move to new city with my family which brought also few obstacles like I have no internet connection for past month (it takes almost a month to net provider connect my flat to internet) but I will start playing again.

This year I fully concentrate on Cash Game.I even played few hands on 5NL. I was doing pretty good on 2NL, earned almost $52 in 35k hands But in very last session, I was not in a good mood and I should not played poker at all. I lost almost $17, my biggest lost in one session.

The lost:



5NL. The game is not so different to 2NL. The most difficult for me is that I have not read to my opponents which I am not quite used to because I have got at least some read on players in 2NL

5NL graph:


The biggest lost made the whole graph to look quite crapy even I am happy in generall satisfied how I play:




hands: 39.254

VPP: 421

Profit: +$41