The year is gone and we are almost at the end of the challenge. But only with the challange, my poker hobby is only at the beginning.




I have to laught when I go through the goals I set up in January. They were so un-realistic Playing three formats, study and spend all the VPP for some, I would say hyper turbo satallite like Saturday strom for 5VPP funny


What went well
I improved my poker knowledge a lot. I even did not know there is so many information required to be a good player. The biggest win for me is that I did not need to deposit a single penny this year. I started with around $30 if I remember well with the intention of depositing $50 every month if I bust them. To my biggest surprise I did not deposit a single penny, I have over $200 on my account, reached around 1.1k VPP and I aslo reached Chrome star few times. For some players that could mean nothing but for me this is huge! I started playing poker in 2012 and I lost around $160. A year after and I am where I am to me, as I said, this is huge.

Poker also helped me to be a better manager in my daily work. Something so clear is not so often used in the real life. When you do something, anything, there always has to be a reason for it and you also need to be prepared for different thing to happen. Nice example is the bet in poker. When you bet, there has to be a reason for it. We cannot bet just because we hold a good cards or just because we have a feeling for it. We also need to thing few step further. Will someone call? If so and the flop is blank, will we bet? If villian re-raise, do we call, what next? Are we chasing two outs on turn / river? Is it profitable? I ask most of the question pre-flop all the time. This is my biggest improvment in poker. I have much better picture of the whole game.


What did not go so well
At the beginning someone write to me I should not focused on so many formats at the same time and he was definitly right. We cannot concetrate on cash game, sit and go and mtt. I saw a video of guy grinding SNG and that something I don't want to do. I also failed a bit in MTT format even I was close to final table few times. But like with SNG, I am not going to playing thousand MTT to hit a few first places even it could change my life I will play MTT just for fun hoping to be lucky enough and hit the final table)

I also completely failed in few formats like Big Bang. The format offers huge reward, I got the ticket few times and I never had time to sit at home and play it. The second week in Saturday is bad timing for me. I am always socializing, bbq, drinking beers or somehwere else. I tried to play on my mobile few times with not a big luck.

I stopped playing them quite early and it was the best decision ever. The format is completely different to CG or MTT.  It needs deep knowledge push and fold strategy and that is quite complex. It requires to grind a lot of SNG and the decision has to be done extremely fast. Nothing for me.


I play them as I wanted. Unfortunatelly no big hit even I was close to it few times. I played around 300MTT with total buyin around $400 and profit around $30. I am saying around because I know exact numbers. I just don't count into it some free tournamens like Big Bang, Chrome stars and some other freerolls with some value because those tournamens are in my eyes non repetable.


Cash Game
To my biggest suprise this is my primary focus for past months. To my another suprise I have a profit I had few struggles first half of the year when I was experimenting with different formats (full ring vs 6 max)  and with different numbers of table (2,4,12,18,6 to my final 9).
the second part of the year was much better when I settle down with the format. My profit right know is below


Next Year
My primary game will be cash game. I will play MTT just like for funn, I will not be studing the format much. If I am able to improve cash game, my MTT knowledge will improve also.
I will create new goals for a year 2014, this time I hope I will set them a little bit better then last time I will also seperate the goals month by month and some for the whole year.


thank you guys, to all that are around and keep posting and blogging about their games. Even I am not posting quite often I read them via mobile often and I am sure you help me to imporve my game.
Also thanks to everyone who spends time and creating videos for PSO. The video section is probably the best free section on internet!
And special thanks to Arty for his blogs about 2NL. It also helped me a lot to improve my game.