Another month is gone so a small recap. This month after a long time I played poker quite often.


I played 15x MTT ($1.1 regular, 1.35 KO turbo). After a long time I had one deep run and finished 44 / 2333. I also used FPP trying to quilified for $5.5 regular. One shot was not good, 32players got ticket and I finished 34 (from 350). The second one was success. I unregistered from the tourney and I will use those T$ for my regular tourney. 90fpp for $5.5 is a good price

Total  buyin: $13.40

Net won: +$3.45



I really enjoyed CG this month. I have not played for a while so the beginning of the month was disaster. I felt like I don't know how to play poker anymore In the middle of month, I played 3500hands with a good lost


But i did not loose my good mood and I started playing less tables and more concentrate on every hand. I had a very nice profit in the second part of the month


in total:


I played 8444hands

Profit: +$7.40

100/bb: 4.56


Couple of interesting info:

The biggest lost is coming from BB (-$10.55) and to my suprise from BTN (-$3.85)

THe biggest profit is from MP (+$13.50) and CO (+$9.1

I was dealt 36x AA with a profit +$11.7

I was dealt 4 KK with a profit +$5.19

I was dealt 8 AKs/o with a lost -$2.27 (bit a surprise)

Biggest lost in one hand -$2.4 (A4s, i had a flush against full house)

Biggest win in one hand +$4.86 (my high straight against lower straight and AA)


Current bankroll: $180