Yesterday I had a really good CG sessiom that I enjoyed a lot Not because of the profit but because of the game. I decided to show a graph and few hands. Because none is replying to my posts I will use this blog

it was like a rollercoaster. It was one of my longest session (almost three hours) and even the profit is small I think i played a good poker with few mistakes that's for sure

i also think my post flop game improved. Usualy I was loosing in it a lot, this time the line is still around 0.


Villian has stats 19/14/74 so some info was there. I hit the flop and I am not sure why I have bet only .10 but I was ready the call him anyway, the pot ration was below 1. what happend after it...pitty


This hand is one of my mistakes. Even I had a small read on him (24/5/17) it indicated I should fold his re-raise. Pre-flop re-raise pretty standart. I was ready to fold if he raised turn or river.


No comment needed. KK is easy to play. Call is fine. I was thinking one of them could have AA so be it. It happends time to time.
But really? river, turn and four of kind? have you seen something like this?


Villian is solid rock - 9/4/415. Pre-flop bet, standart. BB called. Even I hit flush draw I bet because in most cases they wont hit anything and fold.

When he called he got my attention. I though he hit KK. so something like KQ,KJ,KT. When someone is so tight they usualy raise AK, AA or KK.
I hit my flush and I thought I have nuts. When I bet 0.15 and he called I was sure he does not have pair of KK. He would fold very likely.

So think he had a set (3 or 6, I think he would raise of fold pair of 8 after flop) or flush with Q high.
When he overbet the turn I was confused. I have not seen such a hughe bet for ages. I though only bluff or flush with Q.
I was soo wrong four of kind (6) second time during one session?


Six was the number of the night KK has stats 37/17/50, 44 has 17/11/140.
I called the pre-flop. When I hit my set i was ready to call anything unless flush is completed. I re-raised a little to push others out of the pot but keep at least someone in it:

The rest was easy to call and i was bit lucky. If they did not go all in but waited until river, I would be thinking about fold.