October – recap

October is gone and it is time for another small recap, really short one. I did not play much poker this month. I had a long vacation and when I went back and I was busy at my work. I also have not study a single article, I definitely need to improve this. I also did not reach chrome star which I have no idea how that could happened I was missing like 5vpp….


Cash Game

I played around 11.000hands with profit about $7.7. Very bad result. I playd most of the hands at the beginning of the moth but I almost did not touch poker after my vacation.

I need to do a review of my game and study harder.  I have feeling opponents are going all in only with AA or when they have set Which is probalby not true but that is my feeling




Hands played: 11.000
Profit: $7.7


I played only 7 tournaments. That terribly low number. I have reached only one ITM for buyin min cash

7 tournaments played
Buyin:$ 6.80
Profit: $6.27

Target for next month:

At least 30 tournaments. I will also deposit some extra money to play a few  micro millions events.
At least 25.000hands with profit 10bb/100.