I played poker a lot this month. I also stopped completely experimenting with my game and playing only MTT for $0.55, $1.10 and $1.35 on PS, 3.30euro on PS.fr (this one is only for fun with not really strict banrkoll management trying not to bust the roll)  and Cash Game, full ring 2NL.


I played  29x MTT.  A good number considering I don’t have much time for MTT. Total byuin was $32.30, net profit -$3.04. it is ok I am trying to have a big  hit, not collecting cents to build a banrkoll. I have reached only one good place: $1.35 KO turbo – 42 / 5373 for $11.96


I played only 8x MTT for e22.30. Net profi €2.43. The whole profi comes from the big €3.30 where I inished 12 / 700 for €16.77. So close…but so far away.

Cash Game

The best result so far. A good volume, a good profit.


It definitely could be better and I was also a little lucky and of course I did a lot of wrong decision but at least I have a profit!

total hands: 21065hands

net profit: $28.57

bb/100: 6.78


I reached my first rackback - $10. i know it is not much bust last year i reached only 560VPP with a lost. I have over 800 this year with a profit!. My bankroll is: $161 and I reached chromestar. Excelent month.

I am going for a vacation for two weeks where I will have no internet connection. I will spend a lot time on anylyzing my hands, mainly cash game and studying some books and articles. I am really looking forward to it.