Another month past so here is my summary and a challange for next month. I played poker a lot in July. There was no events like PSO series and I have more time to play cash game but I will start with MTT.


I played 17x MTT on  (I don't count freerolls) with net winning $5.17.  No big hit, one 17place for $7. As usual  very close and very far away. I really think I can hit the final table soon. The key here is that I don't loose any money on it.



as I promised to myself I am back playing only FR. I tried this month mix of regular tables with ZOOM. I will not play ZOOM anymore All my lost is coming from ZOOM. As you can see from the graph I had almost $10profit but at the end I am happy with $2 profit Goals for next month is not to play ZOOM anymore I played 13k hands and reached Chrome star for the second time in my life.  


Goals for next month:

At least 20x MTT. 17x this month is not enough.

10k+ hands in CG FR, regular tables. No ZOOM anymore.

I missing about 120VPP to reach my first bonus, so the goal is to earn it this month.