MTT Summary – TIME VAULT challenge

I was looking to my MTT summary and decided to post a few numbers here so I can check the progress at the end of the year.

I played 230MTT during last 7month. That is not bad number considering I don’t play every day and I usually do not play more than two MTT at the same time.

Total BUY IN - $260.8. Considering I did not deposit a single penny since the challenge started, excellent result.

I reached ITM in 71 MTT. It is around 30%. This number is too high I think. It is probably more waiting for ITM then pushing around bubble phase and reaching some deep run

Total won $302.18. It is ok. I am a little bit in +$$ and I can still try to hit a final table and also try to improve my game.

Largest cash out so far $23 in $1.35 turbo knockout and 16.66 in $1.10 regular.

The summary is that I am able to stick with the plan playing only 1.10 and 1.35 (time to time 0.55).  Micro Million is coming and I am thinking depositing $20 just to have extra money for a few tourneys, something like a bonus for me because I improve my game a lot since I signed for a timevault challenge.

Or I will go to play live MTT this Friday for the second time in my liveJ I will see…..


btw I wrote the blog at the morning and in today's MTT $1.10 I finished 17/2313 fro $8.50