I have not played this month much of CG mainly because everytime i had a time there was a SOP event and I am not able to play MTT and CG at the same time. I played only 500 hands. At least I have not lost anything and I am back playing only full ring.





I saw a discussion about stats when we are dealt  KK so I decided to post here my stats. AA is not so important, I think everyone is willing to go all-in in at any stakes.

Overall I played 30,832 hands. It is mix of 9-max and 6-max. I was looking what format to play. After massive lost in 6-max, I am sure right now

I was dealt KK 138 - 0.44% When the world would pefect, I should've been dealt KK about 182 - 0.59%. So a bit of unlucky here, but it is coming

SB - 27x, $0.97 (total -$14.66)

BB - 21x, $0.87 (-$54.72)

EP - 35x , $4.94 ($3.73)

MP - 14x, $6.78 ($37.09)

CO - 19x, $3.02 ($12.65)

BTN - 2, -$2.71 ($20.0 )- this is strange. BTN should be easiest to play.


i won 118hands - 85%, This is actually perfect fit. In general, the chance winning with KK against 1 villian about 82%!. I won $40.92

I saw showdown in 45hands,  38.1% and I won only $3.81!. Hmm not much.

I went all in 25x - 18.11% and won $4.61.

and very last info. I hit KK vs AA only in 3 cases and i won two of them


I know the sample is very small, but at least something.


Net profit  $13.87. (overall I am +$4). So good cards.to play, definitly but I have a lot to improve I think.