May is gone so small summary about my Bankroll.



the worst month ever I tried to play 6max and I am really not good in it. I played only 10sessions, 4260hands with total lost -$9.89.

May cash game


So after 31k hands my total net profit is $0



I did some review and you can see from the graph I had almost net profit $37.78 when I was playing only FG, 4tables. After it I tried to chase more VPP to reach 150+ for premier league and my game was really bad. So I will play only FG 4 tables following month. But it was worth of trying it. At least I know what not to do



No big hit. I played 23x MTT, total buyin $24.40, net profit $8.04. The best result is 11 out of 2666 in $1.10 regular. I still believe I can have a good hit soon

i also played 3x MTT on Total byuin 6euro, net profit 9euro. Games there are like on but with much less registred players. Playing micro MTT with only 600people is exelent. better then 9000 on


The rest:

PSO: I have not played many of them. I did not have as much time as I wanted. I tried to play at the end of the months to reach at least $2.5 but I finished 2500. Next month better. It is a pitty because to get $5 from PSO is not so dificult.

PSO series of poker: A great stuff for us. The MTT there are quite different from regular MTT since players are chasing the points rather then $$$ and I quite like that. it is more a real poker then all-in donkfest as micro MTT usualy are. It is a pitty I can play only NLHE that starts 9pm CET but even thought I try to reach some ticket.


Current Bankroll: $118.21


Goals for this month are very simple. Play as much MTT and cash game FG with profit at least $10