I did not have as much time for playing poker as I wanted. I was able to stick with my plan, play a solid poker and only when I am not tired. CG I had played 11 sessions. I did not played bad, first session I played two hours, 700hands and I won $5.62. Nice profit for the beginning. Last two sessions were disaster, not paying the right attention. Last two sessions I lost -$8 in just 900hands. I have to avoid sessions like that.

So the profit this month $2.26 (15hours, 5096hands) S

ince the challenge started: $10.23 (67hours, 25973 hands)



I played only 16MTT this month which almost 50% less than month before. I finished ITM 34.5% which sounds nice but no big hit, only first three places are the amazing ones Biggest hit was definitely Big Bang for $20. It is very likely I will not have any ticket this month pity. The main format I still play is $1.10 regular full ring, where the best places were 76 and 56 this month. I still believe in myself that I will hit it soon!

This month: 16x MTT, $17.25 buyin, net profit: $21.89

Since the challenge started: $164.95 buy in, net profit: $26.72

Current bankroll: $118.83 (05/03/13)


The res

I stopped chasing VPP for Premier League. It is very difficult to gather 150VPP on 6max, it forced me to play a lot of tables and my game was very weak. I did not reach Chrome Star but that is fine, I don’t have any benefit from it. I will just try to hit Big Bang in OSL and maybe to reach some $$ position, but it is definitely not priority since I did not playe a single OSL yet.

I played 8 tourneys, Buy in 20euro, and I am in lost 11euros. I am still trying here play more for fun different formats. I played one session of CG and lost 4euro I thought the field is weaker and was not really paying full attention to my play It has to change this month. In general I am still very happy with my game. Since the challenge started I did not deposit a single penny and I am not in lost in any format.