For the first time in my live I played liver poker. I have to say it was amazing. Completely different to online games.

It was MTT, buyin $20 including free beers, wine and soft drinks. I decided I will not take it too seriously and chasing the serious poker but rather gather some expiernce, drink some beers and enjoy the games as much as possible.

First good things for me, it was non-smoking room (I stopped smoking two years ago). The field was quite good, 55players at the end. Starting blind 25/50, 10.000chips and the first break after 90minutes. There was a free meal during the break. Amazing entertaiment for $20. I would spend the same amount in the pub anyway but here I also played poker almost for free

Excelent. What surprise me a lot There were no fish around my table excepting meI recognize couple of semi-pro Czech players (5 of them). They all know each other, including dealer. The game was quite fast; from TV it seems to be much slower

No need to be nervous. I am not sure how in your country but I honestly told them I am playing for the first time live poker and they all were very friendly. Players are chatting a lot, about poker, football, women etc. so I relaxed very quickly. I got a lot of advices what I did not do correctly, sometime what I did correctly. Even after one game I felt like I am better.

The only exception, what players don’t like is, when you forgot to post BB/SB or Ante. You are told to do so and quite often but dealer usualy did not start dealing cards untill all players did that. It slows down the game quite a lot.

What is also a bit tricky for the beginners is that you have to tell if you want to rise. For example, if sb/bb 25/50, someone raise 150 and you don’t say anything just put 500chips behind the line, it is automatically taken as a call. You have to also put all the chips at same time (like a barrel for example) if you say only raise but not the amount. Because if you say rise, then put behind the line one 100chip and then another 100chip, only raise to 100 is accepted. It is better to always say before you move any chips behind the line. The word is accepted as a fact, the chips can come later.

Also a bit tricky to see the cards without showing them to the players next to you. It seems to be very easy in TV, very difficult for beginners

I finished 30/55 after about 2.5h of play. When I was short stack, I moved all in with A7s against KQo and I won. The very round after I had KK, flop 89T and one caller. I said to myself the possibility for straight is only seen in online word so I shipped, I got instant call, villian had QJ

I took my bag,, had another beer, talk to to few people around and went home…. Excelent experience and I will go there again next week

Btw my english is not perfect, I know that