May passed, it is time to put a small summary about it.


33 tournaments played.

total buyin: $53

net profit: $10


Hand played: 9781

bb/100: -6.08

VPIP: 17.5


NetWon: -$11.90

banrkoll 3/1/13: $60.11

Currecnt Banrkoll: $88

VPP earns: 130


at first, it was better. I had a bakroll over $120. I started experimenting with CG a bit. After 1100hands I had profit about $16. Then I started adding more table to 10tables where around hand 9.000 I reached a lost -$16 so I lost in total almost $32.

The main reason was that i tried to collect more VPP for Premiere League. It was a mistake. I decided not to concentrate on premiere league because it makes my game very weak, forcing me to play CG almost daily to be able to reach 150VPP+ on 2NL. I am back to 4 tables and i will be switching between 6max and 9max. I am not sure about Open Skill League, I will probably try just hit BigBang.

In MTT I am generally happy with the game. I tried a few times donkfest ($1.10 3x turbo) cost me $8 with no luck. Unless my banrkoll will be larger I will not play it anymore. Few good places, 92 of 800, net won $2.40, 18 of 8200, $22.10, 78 of 2000, $2.46. I am still waiting for the hit

I also created and account on, I deposit $20, I have got a bonus $20. I played one MTT buyin for 2euro, addon 2euro. I finished 9 out of 241, net profit 25euro. My banrkoll is 65euro.  Very nice for 20euro, isn't it?


Plan for next month:

MTT: 30x trournamnets, not be in lost and hopefully the big hit

CG: 8000hands. Not to be in lost.

i will be switching between and fr .