About a month ago I qualified to BIG BANG.  When I received the ticket I missed that it is on Saturday and not Sunday. I had a pub on Saturday.  Pub is important I have not seen some friends for a long time. So I decided I will give a shot on my mobile, hopefully ITM before I’ll be drunk

I folded first #23

Hand #24, pair of 7, 1385chips. Flop 6h 2h Td, I bet 120, all fold. – Collected 240chips

Fold another five hands.

Hand #25 [9c Ad], 1550chips, sitting in BB, all limp, no raise, I checked. Flop [7h 9d 8d], I bet 120, one call. Turn [2c]. I checked, he bet 90, I call. River [4h]. I bet 240, he fold. Collected 615chips.

Folded another two hands.

Hand #34. AKo.  25/50. I rise to 100. One call.  Flop [7s 4d 3d]. I bet 150. Fold. Collected 275chips.

About this time I start bathing(?) my daughter, I was not really paying attention to the game

Folded 16hands.

Bath done, I am preparing to go to the Pub.

Hand #51. 2120chips, Pair of Queens. 50/100. I raise to 200 (no idea why the min bet).  All fold, collected 240.

Folded another 9 hands

Hand #61. Pair of 9.  2120chips. 50/100 I raised to 300. No call. Collected 250.

Folded one hand

Hand #63. Pair of Jacks.  2270chips. I raised to 300. I got one all-in for 1145. I called.  He had KQo.  No improved for him and I collected 2940.

I went to the pub. Walking. The way took about 45minutes.

Folded 8hands

In the middle of the way:

Hand #71, pair of Tens. 3715chips, 75/150. Someone rais to 300, I raised to 450, he called. Flop disaster -  [Js 4h Th]. I had a set  but the ‘h’ on the board.  I bet 450, he called. Turn [5h]. Flush on the board. I bet 450, he called. River [7d]. I checked, he bet 1350. I was thinking about it a bit and I called even it was obvious. My set not good enough against flush. I lost to 1015chips.

Folded 2hands

I am not in the pub yet

Hand #74, QJo.  1015chips, 75/150. Someone rais to 450. I went all in to 940. Board [Qd Td Kd 4d] [5s]. Very lucky flush against pair of Kings. I collected 2105.

Folded another 7hands.

Hand #82. [Qc Th]. 1855chips. 100/200. I am in the button and I went all in. SB called. Board [4d Td 3d 7c 8h]. Pair of Tens good against  A9s. Collected 3910.

I am in the pub. I was talking to people around, paying a small attention to my mobile, waiting for some big hand to come.

Folded 23hands.

Hand#106. 2660chips, 150/300 Pair of 9. All in.  One call. Board [6d 5d 2c 3s Tc]. Pair of nines good against KQo. Collected 5750.

I am not exactly sure but I think there was about 80ppl left, ITM starts 52(?). I thought 5750chips is good enough to reach it. My battery was drawing death. I turned off mobile off and ask waitress to put it to the charger. I decided to wait about 30minutes and then login and see what happens.
I missed another 16hands. When I see the history I folded some hand I would probably play, for example: Hand #109 pair of 4, Hand #111 KJs. Hand #117 pair of 5.

I think I turned on the mobile around hand #127. Where last 53ppl left, 52ITM. Someone finished and we reached ITM and my goal was reached. I was sooo happy that I forgot I am still in so I did not see another 15hands. But here was no monster.

Noticed in Hand #143 I am still in, 342chips. sb/bb 500/1000. All in with [9c 4d], board 9s Qh Ts 4h] [Kh] and I tripled up – 1190.

Hand #144 [Ac 7c], all in, Board [9c 5s Qs 7h Th] and I finished

I finished 37th, $27.50 – nice boost to my bankroll.

Very good results considering the circumstances It is a bit pitty I did not play more but anyway, my banrkoll went 38% up!