Hi all,

february ends so it is time to put summary about it:


Ferbuary goals were:


   Plan was:

          Play at least 3.000hands and be profitable


         hands played: 9755

          VPP earns: 130

         Net Profit: $8.95


SnG 45man $1:

   Plan was:

                    At least 1


                14x $1 45man regular

                Net profit: $7.61



   Plan was:

                   Stick only with $1.1 + $0.5 regular speed, time to time turbo


             43x tournaments played

             net profit: $-1.58


Total net profit: $14.98

Current Banrkoll: $60.11

FPP earns: 160VPP

Generally I am happy with my game. Two months passed and I did not have to deposit yet. I transffered my last about $20 to from fulltitl to PS and fully concentrating on PS. I also earned over 150VPP so I am legitimate for a good bonus in Premier league and also see the videos for 150+VPP. The earning could be better but I suffered a lost almost $20 on 02/20 in CG. I did a review of my play and it was a dissaster. I hope I took something from it.


Ferburary goals:


     Play at least 6.000hands and be profitable


  Stick with $1.10 regular. I also will invest about $30 to micro millions event. It is a special and i wanna try a shot on it


     I will not play them this months. Concentrating more on CG.