Some summary how I am doing this month:



buyin: 14x $1 = $14

ITM: 23%

cash: $18.61

Net cash: $4.61

I played them at the beginning of the month. After 14 games in four days I stopped playing them. The reason is I am doing pretty good in open league and it is very likely I reached the premium one so I playing more cash game to collect VPP.



buyin: $33.20

ITM: 21.4%

cash: $28.11

Net cash: -5.09

i stopped playing speed MTT in the amount I was before. It was eating my banrkoll to much. I play almost every day one or two $1.10 try to catch the final table. As you can see, no luck so far But on 02/12/13 finished 122 and day after 77 (the filed is always about 3000) so i am close Once a week I try a shot on 1.35 KO turbo that starts 22:30CET. No luck there at all yet. I am using the word luck with MTT turbo because with blinds increasing every 5minutes it is really a lottery.


Cash Game:

hands played: 2737

bb/100: 18.76

net won: $10.27


To my supprise i am not doing bad there. About six days ago I realized it is not impossible to reach 150VPP during a month on 2NL games. I cannot play every night but trying the best to reach it. I play four tables, about 210 hands per hour and about 3VPP per hour. I have 60VPP right now but I should by on 75VPP by now. I cought the gap an the very beggining of th month. I relized too late I can do it.


PSO league:

Rank: 125

i also nominted for the big bang I am looking forward to it

Also It would be a pitty to reach Premium league and no t have 150vpp+



bankroll: $47

FPP: 58.39

I transfered my lats $10 from FT to PS. I decieded to fully aim on playing on Pokerstars.


GL to other too!