The challenge started and I have to admit I am little bit disapointed about the whole pokestars forum vs blog.

The forum is a big chaotic for me. I missing there a section like MTT, SNG and CASH GAME where we could raise different questions in new threads like it is common on other forums. To keep writing in one big thread is quite a strange.The important part times to times get lost in other comments. The main thread should be probably updated only time to time to keep tracks of the challenge. The key of everything I believe is to discuss the hand and strategy.

Or I did not get it that could also be a truth

I am also missing a short info under my nick for example where I see new replies to my comments.

Players are very keen to post their comments everywhere, so we can see a lot of comments like ‘amazing’, ‘perfect’ etc. but not much valuable comments. I guess they are just collecting pots.

Also some proffesionals should comment time to time here. It is nice we will create a community full fish but a comment from pros are more valuable.

But on the other hand I quite like I finally created a goals for myself and excel sheet to keep tracks of what I am actually doing.