Was bored so decided to deposit 10 dollars onto stars.


I played 3 tournoments.

the first was a $2 NL holdem, I cant remember how it played out but i was knocked out very early into play. 

the second was a $0.50R NL holdem ANZPT satelitte where had no rebuys but one add on bringing the total cost to $1. 

After making it to the final three I decided id rather the cash prize than the seat voucher. started shoving every hand until k4<75. finished with a $10 cash. 

The thrid was a $2 NL holdem turbo zoom. I finished 110th for a $5.40 cash. I thought I played really well however was too weak after the bubble. knocked out after shoving with top pair but was out kicked. 


Bankroll is now $19.98 for a profit of $9.98 (9.98 tourney and 0 cash)