I'd like to think that I do a decent job of getting my money in with the best hand.  Most of the time.  I've been on a stretch here recently where I'm getting my money in, but as it turns out, I don't actually have the best hand.  I'm not sure where to point the finger.  Am I actually supposed to fold KK on a board of 237 rainbow?  How am I supposed to know my opponent has AA?  I can't possibly be that scared of the monsters under the bed, can I?  That's how it's been lately.  I'll be card dead all game, and finally wake up with pocket tens that I'm forced to shove in late position, but the big blind has woke up with JJ and I'm on the rail.  I'll shove KK and run into AA, I'll shove QQ and run into KK, I'll shove JJ and run into QQ, shove TT into JJ.  My showdown winning percentage with KK is under 50%, that's gross.

I'm going to run some tests in the next few tournaments, and post a follow up.