....2nd place. Two nights in a row I was unable to take down the Cowboy Corrall after entering the heads up battle with the chip lead. Wednesday night (9/8), I got heads up with Sailor Moe, and on the first hand of heads up, made a terrible read, and overvalued my KT to his reraise, and that was that. Sailor Moe is one of the best players I know, and a Heartland Poker Tour winner, so to me, there's no shame in taking 2nd to a player of that calibur. Thursday night (9/9), on a whim, 19honu62 set up another tournament, which I joined. I think I played very well throughout, picking up chips in small quantities. I got heads up with DCowell12, a player I didn't know much about other than what I had seen at the final table. He seemed to be a pretty solid player based off of his bet sizing (that tells me alot about a player). I had been selectively aggressive throughout the tournament, turned up the aggression when we got 3 handed, and when we got heads up, I REALLY turned on the aggression. To the point to where I almost forced my opponent to push back on me every hand. Which he did, twice, but that's all it took. On the last 2 hands of the tournament, I was dealt K2o in my BB, and he raised, I called. Flop was K J rag with 2 hearts. He bet 1200, and I raised to 3600. He pushed. Now I have a decision to make. Is my K top pair good? I took a few seconds to think about it, and figured, he's on a flush draw with maybe middle pair. I CALL! Sure enough, he had middle pair, but it was a backdoor flush draw. I was in great shape to take it down.... until the cards came. Heart-Heart. Ugh! He doubles up and takes the chip lead. We had a 5 minute break (for the life of me I dunno why). Back from break, I get dealt AJo. Thinking this is my chance to get back in the lead again, and win it. I raise 3x bb. He raises 3x my raise. Almost with out hesitation, I shove. And just as quickly he calls. KQ was his holding, YES! And the flop... KJx. Oh no. Turn was a blank, and the river was a K for the KO! Nice hand! All in all, I think I played well, I got my money in with the best hand, I think that's about all you can ask of yourself, if it doesn't work out, then it wasn't meant to be. There will be more tournaments. Next time.. I'll win it, next time!